About Us

The idea of the project MICS.org came many years ago, when a close friend of mine made a large deposit in one of the online casinos, won an even larger amount. However, it was not possible to withdraw the funds, because the casino turned out to be fraudulent. It hit my friend and his family hard, and dragged him into depression for several years.

Indeed, the gambling industry has a specific reputation. There are too many unscrupulous market players who play on human vices just to enrich themselves, forgetting about morality.

Since the idea came up, some time has passed, which we spent on strategy and technical implementation, and now we are glad to present you MICS.org project – the main purpose of which is to provide relevant and truthful information about online casinos in India. We’ve created our own criteria to evaluate casinos, and what’s more, we’ve created a checklist that we can use to evaluate risks.

By the way, it was the idea of helping other people through MICS.org that helped my friend to get out of depression – and now he is a co-founder of the project.

Sincerely yours, Martin Singh.