Andar Bahar Casino Game Review

Andar Bahar is a very simple yet captivating game offered by most Indian casinos today. This game is played against the house—which makes the odds have a slight variance. However, the side bet options add some more kick to the game, making it fun and exciting. 

The dealer draws the joker from the deck before betting starts—and then betting starts thereafter. After that, the dealer starts to deal each card to either Andar or Bahar, and the side that shows the matching card wins the game. This Andar Bahar guide will cover everything you need to know about this exciting game—from the basics to the rules, tips, and tricks to win, as well as the top Indian casinos offering the game.

The Basics of the Andar Bahar Game

While Andar Bahar is a classic in India, it’s a fairly new game in most online casinos. Andar Bahar translates to “Inside Out,” and it was probably given that name because of its early table setup. With that said, let’s look at the rules and objectives of the game. 

The main objective of the game is to guess which of the two sides receives a card first that matches the “joker” or “middle” card. When the game starts, the dealer will place a middle card and then start alternating cards for every side—Andar and Bahar, until a card matching the card in the middle appears. The player who bets on the correct card wins. Please note that different Andar Bahar games offer side bet options such as color, value, or suit of the middle card. 

Andar Bahar Rules

The following are the basic rules of Andar Bahar:

  1. The dealer cuts the deck after shuffling the cards. After that, the dealer will turn up the first card from the deck, and the card that shows up first becomes the joker or trump for that round. 
  2. Players will then start placing bets on the card that will appear next—and it has to be the side of the card with the same face number or value. You can place bets either on the inside (Andar) or outside (Bahar). For instance, if the joker card is a 10 of cloves, players bet if a 10 of diamonds, clubs, or hearts will appear on Andar or Bahar.
  3. The dealer draws cards alternately on every side, and if the color of the trump card is black, club, or spades, dealing begins from Andar, and if it’s red, hearts, or diamonds, it begins from Bahar. 
  4. The round will only end if a card with the same face value as the trump card appears. And if it appears on the spot where you placed the bet, you win that round. For example, if you bet on Bahar and the trump card is a 10 of hearts, and a 10 of diamond/spade/club appears on Bahar, you win the game. And, if you lose, the money goes to the dealer. 

Andar Bahar starts when the dealer plays the middle order card. And like in most online casino games, Andar Bahar has a minimum and maximum bet value. In the case of Andar Bahar, the cumulative bet is the maximum, while the set increment bet is the minimum. In some Andar Bahar games, the betting goes only for a single round, and the game goes on until a value that matches the joker card is played. Other games allow extra betting odds, which are frequent after every card is played. 

Side Bets

A typical Andar Bahar game has four side bets. The side bets can be played before or after the joker card is dealt. However, it’s important to note that not all casinos offer side bets. With that said, let’s look at the different side bet options:

Joker card color or suit 

This is played before the round starts and before the joker or any other card is dealt. You can place the bet on what suit or color the joker will be. For example, if you place a bet on the joker card being a red suit and it turns out to be a 10 of diamonds, red suit, you win the bet. But, if it’s a 10 of spades, black suit, you lose the bet. 

Joker card value 

This option allows players to place a bet on the possible number of the joker card. There are three different ways to place this bet—2 to 7, 8, or 9 to Ace. So, assuming you bet that the value of the joker will be 2 to 7, and the dealer draws a 5 of spades as the joker, you win. 

Number of cards dealt

This bet is made immediately after the joker card has been dealt and before the dealer deals any other card. In this option, players bet on the number of cards that will be dealt before the winning card shows up. Please note that the winning card must have the same face value as the trump card. Here, the cards are drawn in incremental levels. That is, from 1 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 15, 16 to 25, 26 to 30, 31 to 35, 36 to 40, and 41 to 50 cards. So, if our joker card is a 10 of spades and you bet that 10 hearts/clubs/diamonds will appear on Andar or Bahar in 16 to 25 cards. If any of these cards appear from the 16th dealing to the 25th dealing, you win the bet. The bet is lost if the results turn out differently. 

Place a bet on the Andar or Bahar after the first two cards are dealt

Bet whether the winning card will appear on the Andar or Bahar—and this might come after the dealer draws the joker card and the first two cards. Players can also place a similar bet to their original bet or on a different bet in a manner that they repeat the bet on Andar or Bahar after the dealer draws the joker card.

Andar Bahar Payouts

The payouts set by online casinos for side bets depend on the median set by the probability of each event. Regular bets have payouts of 1.9x or 2x, depending on the side that the winning card shows up on. That is the card with a similar face value to the joker card. In a typical game, the payout is 1.9x in case the joker card appears on the side where the dealer drew the card first and 2x if the card appears on the other side. If you wager on the side where the dealer will place the first card, the RTP is 51.5%. However, it’s important to note that Andar Bahar gives higher payouts to players who wager on the side to prevent players from placing bets on the same side. 

Playing Andar Bahar for Money

For the ultimate gambling experience, you should try playing Andar Bahar for real money. In this case, you will need to place bets with real money, and you are guaranteed to get real money prizes if you win the best. Most casinos allow players to place bets as low as INR 10 and as high as INR 1,00,000. Here are important things you need to note if you plan to play Andar Bahar for money. 

  • Payments – any online casino that offers Andar Bahar for real money should have the most convenient and secure payment methods. That means players can use safe and secure payment methods like Paytm, e-wallets, and Google Pay to deposit and withdraw their winnings. 
  • Live dealers – playing Andar Bahar with a live dealer is very different from how you play with your friends or family during holidays, where any player can choose the joker card. When it comes to live dealer games, it’s the dealer who draws the joker card and puts it on the table. 
  • Live or virtual Andar Bahar – there are two types of Andar Bahar games in online casinos—the live version played with a live dealer and the virtual version (uses an RNG). Virtual Andar Bahar is completely digital, and an RNG is used to deal the cards instead of a live dealer. 

Andar Bahar Gameplay Guide

Anyone who plays for real money in an online casino desires to win as often as possible. But how can one make that dream come true? Here are a few things to guide you when playing Andar Bahar:

  • Ensure you understand the Andar Bahar game rules – understanding the game’s rules is very important, as it improves your chances of winning. Thus, you must ensure that you are informed about the game’s rules before making any bet. That means knowing the terms and conditions of the game, Andar Bahar game rules, and types of bets, among other rules governing the game. 
  • Be on the lookout for variations – different online casinos have different game variations—this is done to suit the player’s preferences. While the base game is the same, the variations have different details to improve the gaming experience. For example, some variations allow players to place side or additional bets. So, ensuring you get all the important information to boost your winning chances is important. 
  • Take note of the table limits – it’s very easy for you to be carried away by the Andar Bahar gameplay and forget the set table limits. Thus, it’s important to ensure you know the table limits of the game you are playing, especially if the game has side bets. 
  • Don’t forget to budget – self-discipline is very important, especially when playing online casino games. With that said, always make sure that you set a budget and stick to it. The last thing you’d want to do is to chase your losses. So, if you are a beginner, you should start with lower bets, as this helps avoid overspending. 

Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks 

If you are looking for a winning formula, follow these Andar Bahar tips and tricks, as they will help you get the most out of your gameplay:

  • Andar Bahar is a fun casino game. So, make sure that you are having fun and enjoying the game. 
  • Always make sure that you understand the probabilities and odds before you start placing your bets. This can help you make better decisions about the bets you want to place. 
  • Be keen on the patterns in the cards that have already been dealt. This is important because it makes it easier to predict where the dealer will draw the next card. Besides, it gives you an upper hand when placing your bets. 
  • Always stay calm and focused during a game. Generally, Andar Bahar is a fast-paced game, which makes it important to stay focused if you want to make the correct decisions. 
  • If possible, wager double the amount of your previous bet. This generates 50/50 odds, which will limit your losses with the wins and keeps you in the game. Start over again with the basic bet whenever you win, and repeat the strategy.
  • Use the Yes/No method to get a 50/50 possibility of winning. In Andar Bahar, always use your instincts rather than probabilities and calculations when playing. 
  • Increase bets on the primary bet up to the 4th round—this reduces the odds with every card played.
  • Lastly, remember practice makes perfect. The more Andar Bahar games you play, the better you’ll get at reading the table and predicting which cards the dealer will draw next. 

House Edge

Andar Bahar is among the online casino games with the lowest house edge. That makes Andar Bahar a good option for players looking for high returns. A house edge is a percentage of every bet a casino retains as profit. For instance, if the house edge is 10%, a casino will keep INR 10 for every INR 100 you wager. This is one of the primary reasons that Andar Bahar remains a popular game among most players. Also, it’s important to note that the house edge increases as the dealer deals more cards. This is because the probabilities and odds of the game change as more cards are drawn.

What Do You Need To Start Playing Andar Bahar?

Here’s what you need if you want to start playing Andar Bahar:

  • A secure and convenient payment method 
  • An account with a reputable online casino
  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet with a reliable internet connection

Top Online Casinos Offering Andar Bahar

Almost every online casino in India offers Andar Bahar. However, this doesn’t mean that all these casinos are reputable. So, you need to take your time to read a casino’s customer reviews to determine whether it’s trustworthy. Here are a few important things to look out for when searching for a casino that offers Andar Bahar:

  • Deposits and withdrawals – Andar Bahar is an easy, action-filled, fun table game that can give you good returns. Thus, it’s important to ensure that the casino you choose allows you to make fast and secure deposits—this is crucial during an Andar Bahar game session. Also, the casino should have a variety of withdrawal options that are secure and convenient.
  • Games selection – because a typical Andar Bahar table can allow an unlimited number of players, most casinos don’t offer that many game tables. With that said, a good casino games selection, including Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, and Blackjack, among others. A casino that delivers an excellent game collection, especially from reputable developers, should be worth your consideration. 
  • Responsible gambling program – an online casino with a responsible gambling program is a casino that cares about its players. Reputable casinos have different tools to help players control their gameplay and guide them in the right direction whenever they need assistance. 
  • License – nearly every online casino in India has a license of some sort. However, it’s important to understand that not all online casino licenses are the same, as some are better than others. Licenses from Curacao and Malta are some of the best, as they follow strict regulatory laws governing security, responsible gambling, anti-money laundering, and privacy of user information. 
  • VIP Program – a loyalty program should be your key consideration if you are searching for an online casino that will give you good deals. A good VIP program should give you exclusive offers, faster withdrawals, and exclusive access to personal customer support, among other benefits. 
  • Customer support – this is another important thing to consider for any online casino, as good customer support is everything when it comes to the online gaming experience. 

Please note that you might not have many alternatives regarding the type of Andar Bahar game you want to play. Therefore, choosing a customer-friendly online casino with good customer service, positive reviews, and amazing benefits are important. With that said, let’s look at some of the leading online casinos in India that offer Andar Bahar.


This casino started its operations back in 2012, and it currently has the authorization to operate in four different jurisdictions. The casino has received a number of EGR awards for the adoption of its services and outstanding performance. The only downside of this casino is that it doesn’t support many payment options. 

On the positive side, all the supported payment options are 100% free—meaning you won’t lose any money when making a deposit or withdrawal. All deposits are processed instantly, and you can start playing your favorite casino games with a minimum of INR 800. 

Casumo has a very simple and well-designed website, which guarantees an excellent user experience. All casino games are well-organized, and you won’t have a challenge in finding Andar Bahar games. The available Andar Bahar variants at Casumo include Ezugi and Playtech. 


Parimatch was launched in 1994 and currently operates in 8 different nations. The casino is available in mobile app and web browser and offers 1000+ online casino game titles. Besides, Parimatch boasts an extensive sportsbook with various sports betting options. 

One thing that makes Parimatch a leading online casino in India is its availability in Hindi. Besides, it accepts different currencies, ranging from local fiat to cryptocurrency. And, depending on the amount you deposit within your first 5 deposits, you can get thousands of free spins and plays and bonuses of up to INR 2,10,000. 

Indian players who commit most of their time at Parimatch advance significantly and gain access to exclusive casino features. Deposits and withdrawals at Parimatch are straightforward. The casino has a good website design with excellent visual appeal. You only need to see the website to start experiencing the excitement. Parimatch provides the Ezugi version of Andar Bahar. 


This is one of the favorite casinos for players who love using their mobile devices. Yes, LeoVegas has established a strong reputation for being serious regarding mobile accessibility. However, it’s important to note that you can only use your INR 80,000 bonus on Andar Bahar online cash game if you fail to wager on it. 

With a variety of secure and convenient payment options like Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, and wire transfers, LeoVegas has made it very easy for players to deposit and withdraw their money. LeoVegas provides Ezugi and Playtech versions of Andar Bahar. You can play these versions from your PC or smartphone and still get excellent gameplay. 

Casino Days

Casino Days is another amazing Indian casino that accepts extremely low deposits—INR 500. Casino Days is regulated and offers many classic casino game titles—particularly those focused on Indian players like Andar Bahar. Players can deposit their money with ease—thanks to the variety of payment options supported by the platform. Moreover, players get to enjoy amazing no-deposit bonuses, a loyalty program, and other benefits. 


PureWin was launched in India back in 2019. However, the casino has gained a lot of reputation in India within those few years—thanks to its excellent services and casino games variety. The casino is licensed by the Government of Curacao, which encourages new users to join the platform. Moreover, the website is very user-friendly, has various casino games, and supports multiple payment options. 

Top Andar Bahar Game Providers

Online casinos would not be in existence without game providers. And while there are hundreds of online game providers out there, only a few stand out from the competition. The following are the four leading providers that create the online version of Andar Bahar:

  • Evolution Gaming – considered the pioneer and grounder breaker of the online gaming industry, Evolution Gaming delivers world-class entertainment. The provider’s dedicated Bollywood tables are available in both English and Hindi and are streamed from their customized studios. Casinos that have partnered with Evolutions Gaming offer amazing user experience. 
  • Ezugi – this is probably the online games provider that has the largest focus in the Indian market. The games provided by Ezugi are available in Hindi and English and can be found in most Indian online casinos. 
  • Super Spade – this developer is known for creativity, as its classic games are very innovative. Some of the notable versions provided by Super Spade include No Commission Andar Bahar and Speed Andar Bahar—games that most Indians have come to love. 
  • OneTouch – this developer focuses solely on mobile games, which makes OneTouch a great option for casinos with mobile apps. 

Andar Bahar FAQs

Is online Andar Bahar fair?

Yes. Licensed and trustworthy online casinos offer fair and safe games. Most of the online casinos in India that offer Andar Bahar are run by RNGs, while the casinos that offer live Andar Bahar are operated by unbiased dealers who ensure free and fair games. 

Is it possible to play Andar Bahar for free?

Absolutely. Most Indian online casinos allow people to play Andar Bahar for free, even if they haven’t registered. Also, there are mobile apps that allow you to play the game for free. However, you shouldn’t expect to win any real money if you choose to play Andar Bahar for free. 

How does an RNG work?

A random number generator (RNG) generates numbers randomly, the same way rolling a dice generates numbers randomly. The RNG technology is over 3 decades old, and online casinos have their RNGs inspected by independent labs to ensure they are free and fair. And, because RNGs work randomly, it sometimes means that a player loses more than they win. However, this doesn’t mean that the game is rigged or unfair. 

Is it possible to cheat when playing online Andar Bahar?

No one can cheat in the Andar Bahar game—whether playing the online or live dealer version. If you attempt to cheat, you’ll be caught, and the casino can deactivate your account or ban you from playing the game. 

Can I win real money when playing Andar Bahar?

Yes, that’s possible. You only need to play in an online casino that allows players to play Andar Bahar for real money. Employing the tips and tricks discussed in this post can better your chances of winning real money.

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