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Rajabets casino Quick overview

If you are going to start playing for real money in any place for Indian gamblers, you have made the right decision to enter this article. This quick review will help you on your way to learning how to play in this place, and how to make deposits and withdraw the winnings. What is more important, customers are going to read about all the pros and cons in the separate texts, so they will see the detailed information on whether it is a good thing to play in this place. From our team, we will provide a small but interesting review, where we will tell you our opinion on the Rajabets casino. As we are trying all of this on yourselves, you can rely on our opinion on this question.

Rajabets Overall Rating

Bonuses & Promotions 4
Customer Support 4
Games & Software 4
Trust & Fairness 4

Rajabets Review Details

RajaBets Pros

When we start thinking about joining any casino, it is important to read more about the pros and cons of this place. Of course, you cannot rely only on these few things, but they will help to decide whether it is a good thing and if it is worth the time. 

Before you get down playing, you need to know one more thing about the Rajabets casino. The matter is that you can trust it completely and do not be afraid to get into any problems. Everything can be settled without any fuss, so keep that in mind. 

  1. The first and the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the license. It provides the safety and security level everyone needs for future playing. You need to understand that it is not given to anyone who asks for it, so it is still a sign of great quality and trustworthiness. Moreover, the authorities are checking on the whole gambling process, that is why customers do not need to worry about the game being unfair or them getting fooled. That is not a thing in Rajabets casino. The question of online betting in India is legal in this country and it is also regulated with the help of certain laws. This only provides further safety and the guarantee of not being engaged in some illegal activities. 
  2. Customers’ support is as important as the previous pros. More about this option you will read in the part dedicated to the support team; nevertheless, there are still some things that are important being discussed. In Rajabets casino, there are different ways to communicate with the team, such as email or phone number. Of course, all of them can have their pros and cons, but you still have to choose whatever is more preferable exactly for you. 
  3. Bonuses are the next great way to attract more players that are new. In the case of this Indian casino, this topic is worth discussing. This is the first thing you see when you are going to give any game a try, and it is the best thing to help you in this way of becoming a real player. The size of the bonuses can differ from one game to another, that is why it is important to check these details in advance. For example, in some cases, you are going to get a match bonus in the size of 60 000 rupees for one game. However, this money is likely to be divided into two fewer portions, so you can use the bonus a few more times. 
  4. Different types of casino games. It means that the establishment will provide you with more than just one way of playing and earning money. That is why you are going to be able to gamble even in the mobile and live versions of the casino. These are great opportunities to give old games a second chance. The usual blackjack is not usual when you are playing it in live mode. And betting for horse riding is getting more interesting once you can make bets from your phone in the car or just on the go. 

RajaBets Cons

Even though we are talking about the best online casino in the whole world, it is impossible to avoid cons. The matter is that if there are no of them at all, it can mean that it is not safe to play in there at all, as it is a lie. In the case of a few minor ones, it means that the casino is doing its best to provide its customers the best. 

In the case of Rajabets casino, some of the players can find it frustrating that there is not a really wide list of bonuses. However, you do not have to spend time wagering bonuses. You can immediately start making a deposit and start playing. Of course, it has nothing to do with the casino’s trustworthiness, but in some cases, it can lead to less money available for winning. Therefore, the presence of bonuses is a dubious drawback, given the fact that in this situation, you can only rely on your skills and luck.

That is an important question, which has to be asked from the very beginning, when you enter this casino. However, there is no need to worry about it in the case of Rajabets casino. As online playing and betting are completely allowed in India, no restrictions are set for this online platform as well. While you adhere to the rules, you are allowed to play there. 

Is Rajabets safe?

This question is the continuation of the previous one about the legality of this casino. However, even though an idea of gambling is legal and safe, the casino itself can not be provided with a decent license. It does not have anything to do with the Rajabets casino, but it has one of the best licenses, which can be given on the market. That is why we can tell that gambling in this place is safe for sure.

Rajabets India Detailed Review

Now it is time to read more about our opinions about this casino. The thing is that primarily reviews are built depending on the words of another casino player, while the experienced people can see more problems. Here is the detailed review from our team.

What do we like more about Rajabets?

There are plenty of factors that we loved about online casinos, however we are able to attempt to inform them. Firstly, the page is to be had in different languages, which include English, Hindi, Indonesian, and Telugu. As the online casino is made exactly for Indian players, the range of the languages is a fantastic option. Moreover, the page itself is handy and fine to the eye, and it is simple to locate something there.

What we did not like in Rajabets?

As much as we liked this online casino, a few things are not as great as they could be. The first con that did not feel right with us is the lack of bonuses. We mentioned it before, but this will become a real problem in the future for many players in this place. However, the ones that are available on the site are generous and incredible for every person who plays in this place.

Rajabets Editor’s Conclusion

If that comes to our opinion, we are recommending this online casino and have no regrets about this decision. The cons are minor, the most important aspects, such as legality, safety, and the diversity of games, are on the top in comparison to other casinos in this area. There is a tendency for this casino to grow up and become only better, and it is more important while looking for the casino. It means that even the mere inconvenience, which you can meet during your time in this casino, is going to be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Here we come to the point of payment methods, which are great in this place. If we take a closer look, then we will see that the limits are perfect, as the minimum deposit is low, and the maximum is high. It means that even with the lowest you are going to take part in the game and even win something from it. The higher maximum limit is, the more you can withdraw from it. There are some limits in any case, but if they are low, you are not going to get them in their full size. It can be frustrating, if you have some plans for the money you have won, but you have no opportunity to get them. 

How to register an account on Rajabets?

When it comes to creating an account, it can seem like a difficult thing, but in reality, it is completely easy. You need to adhere to these steps and you will succeed in it. 

  1. Enter the casino and find the “sign up” button. You will see it on the screen, so you do not need to waste any time looking for it. 
  2. Once you press on them, you are going to appear on the registration page. Enter all the requested information and wait a little bit for confirmation. Remember that it is completely safe to enter it into this casino, as the license is working to protect your information and other data you provide. 
  3. You will be sent a letter with the confirmation link, so follow it and press whatever you are asked. It will take a few minutes, but it will be a sign that everything is completely safe and secure in this establishment. 
  4. Go through the verification process, and here you are finishing your account creation. Once you have done it, you are free to play whichever game you like only if you are acquainted with the rules for it.

How to deposit on Rajabets?

Even though you are claiming the no deposit bonus for the first time, in other cases you will be asked for money before starting playing. That is why you have to know how to make a deposit on your own.

  1. Enter the game you like and check the minimum deposit for it. That can differ from game to game, so it is better for any case to double check these things. Of course, the lower the limit the better, and you can be sure that the Rajabets casino will give you the best conditions of playing. 
  2. If you press the start game button, you will be sent to the paying page. There is nothing difficult about this step, and what is more important, you will not be asked to stay on this spot for a long time.
  3. Enter all the data it asks for and wait for the request from your bank. As it was mentioned earlier, there are no need to worry about the safety of your personal information as the security of this online casino is more than enough for their protection. 
  4. Wait until the money is on the account, so you are ready to play. It will not take much time, as both you and the casino are interested in your playing there as soon as possible.

Rajabet Application Review

Having an app is a good thing for all online casinos nowadays. Indeed, there are a lot of cases when the players can’t try the game due to different circumstances. That is why they are going to have an app for this casino.

The first and the most vivid reason why it is a good deal is that you do not need to go to the website. There is a myth that with the app there are less features you can get for your playing. However, that is not true at all, as Rajabets offer the same conditions for every way of gambling. That means you are free to try every game you want, pay with the payment method you prefer, and rely on the security issue, as it is as protected as the website version. In the case that you are going out and you still want to try yourself in earning money, the app will be the help you need for it. 

While you have the internet connection and the mobile phone suitable for playing, the application will work for you without any problem. Just enter the casino, select the game and try it out.

How to Download and Install Rajabets App?

That is the most important and the easiest thing in the whole casino. All customers have to do is to go to google and look for the casino app. If you enter the name correctly, it will be the first to appear. Click on it and press the button “download”. After that, the installation process will not take long to be held. There will be recommendations for you, so just follow them. 

Rajabets Withdrawal Methods

As there is no way to avoid deposits, there is no way to avoid withdrawals as well. Rajabets casino has only the best methods for this operation, so its clients will not get into any problems. For example, you are allowed to get your money back via Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and other ones. In the case of the limits, it is better to check in the bank itself, as it can change every minute.

How to withdraw money from Rajabets?

The process is easier than the deposit one.

  1. Once you have money to transfer to your bank card, you have to press the button “withdraw”.
  2. Select the method you want and see if the transfer is available with this one. 
  3. Enter the requested information. 
  4. Wait until the money is in your bank account. It can take more than the deposit. 

Rajabets Live Casino Review

Live casino is a real chance to try something noticeably new. There are a lot of things that differ from the usual mobile or other online casino games. In the case of the last ones, you just get an opportunity to gamble a bit in the usual mode with paying deposits and winnings money. 

However, what would you do if we say that there is a much more interesting way to play in Rajabets online casino? There is nothing difficult about it, you just enter the casino game and try it, but the difference lies in the rules for it. As it is clear from the name, all the process takes place in real-time. It means that there is no way to pause it and you are looking at the game at the time it is played. The pros are that you can make bets and change them throughout the entire game. It can make the time pass faster and more interesting. 

However, more importantly, there are other real people on the other side of the game. That is why you are allowed to communicate with them whenever you want. Moreover, the real dealer, who is responsible for your interest, accompanies the live casino game. 

Rajabets Sportsbook Review

The most important thing to talk about in any online casino is the sports available for betting. Indeed, there have to be more of them, so customers will not be bored in this place. Sports betting is an exciting activity that can bring you big profits. Check out all the sports that are available in the lobby. There you will also find up-to-date information about current sporting events, and statistics for your reflection. The most popular sports are cricket, football, basketball, and tennis. Additionally, eSports bets are available. Check out the offers and place your bets. We will tell you about the most interesting sports that can keep your attention and make you play big.


E-sports are extremely popular nowadays, and everyone has at least heard about them. There are tournaments held, where people just play the game as well as the usual sports such as football or volleyball. In Rajabets, there is a number of games, which are available for every customer. 

Rajabets Cricket Betting

That is the most popular type of betting in India in general. Rajabets can provide the different sections for online betting and the crickets-related games in the sportsbooks, which shows the level of the Indian love for this kind of game. This theme has been used in many other games, and all of them are presented on the site of this casino. 

Rajabets Customer Support

In the question of customer support, there are a few words, which are to be said. Some of the customers may underestimate the importance of this option, though they are the first to ask about it in the case of a problem. Therefore, what is the reason for such importance of customer support? 

You need to keep in mind that there are a lot of situations when you are not aware of the way to solve them. That is why you want to go to the experienced people and get their help. In the case you have not checked this option, you are going to end up with nothing and the problems unsolved. 

For your relief, Rajabets online casino thinks about its customers, so the support team is on the top in their area. First of all, there are a few ways to contact them. For example, users are free to try email or phone numbers. However, in the first case, there is such a disadvantage that the answer can take some time to get to you. The problem of it lies particularly in the form of communication. You are not talking on the phone, so typing the letter back is not a quick and easy task.

In the second case, you are provided with the live chat. That is the most popular, easiest and quickest way to interact with the support team. All you need to do for this is to enter the casino site and find the button, which says it is a live chat one. Then you just press on it and enter the chat at the same moment. In a few minutes, you are going to have a full-scale conversation with one of the support team.


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